From Edmonton Canada

Commutes 8 Klometers RoundTrip for 4 years and months
Four or Three Days a week, I am a bike commuter Year Round

I am a city bus driver and as such I work a split shift. I commute to work twice a day, 16 km round trip for a total of 32 kilometers per day. Of course where I live the winters can be quite harsh, so I have learned to watch the weather patterns very carefully. I am selective when I ride in winter months. I use a very good lite set and studded tires. Still, I seldom ride if the temp is below -18C as it is just to uncomfortable, or if there has been a fresh fall of snow. Between the months of April and October I usually commute to work twice a day, five days a week. The rest of the year I watch the skies and ride when I can. I usually log around 3000 km per year commuting to work.

I'm an old dinosaur. I will turn 49 this spring but I enjoy my commuting and I believe it is a win win situation. I rediscouvered bicycles when my wife learned to drive about five years ago. I had a bicycle hanging in the garage that had hardly been used for years. As a lark I rode it to work one day and was surprised at how much fun it was and how good I felt when I arrived at work. Before the end of that first summer, I had worn it completely our. Now I own two bicycles, one for the winter with fenders, lights, and studded tires, and one for the summer with smooth tires and a light frame.

Bicycle commuting is a win win situation, something that is very rare in this world. It is good exercise, cost saving, fun, and good for the enviornment. Who could ask for more.

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