David Dronsfield

From Victoria British Columbia, Canada

Commutes 40 Klometers RoundTrip for 22 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

I have this really great circle route going now which is just long enough that I can seperate the stresses of work from home and vice versa. It has, I'd say 50% regular road, 20% highway and 30% trail. I have the great advantage of location, so can bike year round, and can ride into the sunrise and home in the sunset in the spring and fall. I use a good strong Giant hybrid for all my rides, it stands up nicely not only to the the daily commute and the rain, but puts up with some really rough 'road-side maintenance' if needs be.

Twenty plus years in technical vocational positions with the Canadian Navy. Three children, (all bikers), and we will all pack the camping gear and bike our way to a vacation every year. This year, I hope to convince my daughter to tour Vancouver Island by bike.

No stories, just two terms. If you bike in Victora and live on the WestShore, you have to work with what are called the "Four Mile Hill" and the "Six Mile Hill" Both aptly named: at the end of a long day, in march when it's rained for three months, they suck.

Hybrids rule. Choose your tires carefully, and you can use high pressures for road work and soften 'em up for trails or snow or anything ugly.

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