Jim Baross Jr

From San Diego CA

Commutes 14 Miles RoundTrip for 30 years and months
Five Days a week, I use my bike to travel to and from work Year Round

central/urban and downtown San Diego no bike paths no bike lanes lots of shared roadway - the way I like it.

Jim Baross, Jr. mailto:JimBaross@home.com Chair, SANDAG Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee Vice Chair, Calif. Bicycle Advisory Committee President, Calif. Association of Bicycle Organizations Board Member, Calif. Bicycle Coalition Member, San Diego County Bicycle Coalition Member, San Diego Coalition for Transportation Choices Member, SANDAG Walkable Communities Committee former So. Calif. Area Rep, League of American Bicyclists Effective Cycling Instructor #185 K-C "Cyclists should expect and demand safe accommodation on our public roads, just as does every other user. Nothing more is expected. Nothing less is acceptable." Jack R. Taylor "Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles." John Forester "Same Roads Same Rules Same Rights" SDCBC

I am often asked, "How far do you have to ride?" My enthusiastic answer is, "Not far enough. I like to ride!"

I have sent your web address to a fellow bike advocate associated with the Orange Co bicycle Coalition. Brian Desousa at bibrian@briandesousa.com.

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