From Atlanta GA

Commutes 2 Miles RoundTrip for 0 years and 0 months
Not riding yet, I am planning on becoming a bicycle commuter Year Round

A mile or so, to and from the transit station. Marta allows bikes on trains with no restrictions, although the patrons aren't nearly so friendly during rush (3)hour(s)?

I tried bike commuting when I first came to Atlanta and gave up in disgust after a few months. I gave away my bike and everything and became a pedestrian. I like walking, but there are few sidewalks and I have been harrassed for attempting to excercise my rights as a legal road user. I do drive, but I hate it. I have not regularly driven to the office in over three years in Atlanta, even when I lived relatively close. Now that I have moved intown, further from my suburban office, I want to walk/bike/transit even more because it is often faster. I am going to try the bike again because of the crowded and unreliable bus service. I don't think of myself as much of a cyclist, the bike is just another transportation option.

I have had my new bike for about two weeks now. It is a nice big retro cruiser, with an electric assist motor. It is very cool. I have ridden it around the neighborhood and am working on learning the route to the transit station so I can ride in the dark and not get caught by the potholes and drain grates. My neighborhood is one of those "Urban Renewal" things and is still a little, um, exciting in spots. I am somewhat concerned with personal safety, although I am actually more worried about the police officer outside my office complex. I stopped walking to the office (took the bus instead, which I hate) because the officer directing traffic outside a nearby office complex threatened to arrest me for walking on the edge of the road, claiming that it was illegal and that he had to protect me from myself for not walking in the dirt and rocks and wet grass like a good little pedestrian. I do not know what will happen when I start riding that way. I am afraid I will be arrested or, at the very least, be subjected to more verbal abuse.

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