Photo Journal of my July 30th Hwy One trip on my commute bike

On July 30th 2001 I took my commute bike on a vacation. Loading my bikes panniers with a tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, fuel, and four days of clothing and food I took off South down California's Scenic Coast (Highway One)! Cycling from the Amtrak station in Salinas CA (see the top of the map below) to the Amtrak station in San Luis Obispo CA (see the bottom of the map below). The first day starting from Salinas I traveled northwest on Hwy 183 to Hwy 1. going south on Hwy 1, I took a scenic detour around the Monterey Peninsula on the majestic 17 mile drive that circles Pebble Beach. 

Rejoining Hwy One in Carmel CA I continued South to the hiker/biker area of Big Sur State Campground, Day one was a long ride and my first time with a very heavy load on my bike. It was wonderful and a day without any hint of a breakdown. I carried tools and spare parts (chain, tire, spokes etc.) but did not have to use them. The rest of the trip was the same wonderful and without a breakdown. see the photo journal of my trip below. 

The trip map. Starting in Salinas I spent the first night in the Big Sur State Campground, The next night at Kirk Creek Federal Campground The third night at San Simeon State Campground and finished the trip at the San Luis Obispo Amtrak Station. 


Here I am on the 17 mile drive around Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula. My bike is loaded! On top of my rear panniers is a tent and sleeping bag. The people in the car passing me are also enjoying the 17 mile drive but not as much as you can on a bicycle:-)

Here I am again cycling a typical part of  Hwy One. Two way traffic on a two lane road. It's not very wide and little shoulder. During my trip (south) the ocean  was on my right (just a fall off a cliff) and traffic was on my left. I had no problem with drivers. Most all of them had no problem slowing down and going around me. Some even waved to me. Oh ya, the hills. during the first two days on Hwy 1 there was no flat road, it was all hills. At least going south you have the wind at your back. 

Did I say the ocean is just a fall of a cliff on my right. Here is a photo taken from the road. Yes this is a real photo not a postcard. Scenery like this make this trip a must do. I am going back again. 

In Big Sur Hiker/Biker Campground. The State and Federal campgrounds (at least the ones on Hwy 1) have an area set aside for bicycle travelers. Even with the campgrounds full I had no problem getting a campsite. It's a great setup if you arrive on a bike you pay a discounted camp fee and don't have to worry about the campground full signs that are posted all the way into the campground. The Hiker/Biker areas are away from the car, trailer and motor home sites which makes them a lot better (at least for me) 

Yes there was fog and some times the view was not majestic. Me cresting a hill on Hwy One going into a fog bank. 


Here I am Taking a rest break off the bike on Hwy One 

Here is a sticker I purchased in a store at Big Sur. It provides a real view of the Hwy One experience.


I hope you enjoyed my photo journal. of my Hwy One trip. Send us your pictures and stories to be posted on BikeCommute.Com